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Interview With Generals Forward Ambrogio Troia

Recently we got Generals Forward Ambrogio Troia views on the upcoming season. Below is the full Q&A.

MGFC.Com: What are your personal goals for the season?

AT: "My goals for this season are to be in a goal scoring mentality every game and get as many shots on target as possible." What are you most looking forward to?

AT:"I am most looking forward to training with the team and learning everyone’s play styles on the field." Why do you think it’s important that Monmouth County has their own soccer team?

AT:"I believe it’s important Monmouth County has their own soccer team because I have grown up playing with many talented kids through middle school and high school that think there’s no shot for them after high school ball. This gives them a chance to still showcase their skill and use their talent." What is your message to the Generals followers?

AT:"I encourage you all to come out and support the team because we will play for you. We will give a great performance at every match. Personally I will give my 100% in every game and at every practice to ensure we will be a winning team." Which soccer team do you support?

AT:"I am the biggest Juventus fan you will ever meet." Any favorite soccer player?

AT: "I’ve always idolized Ronaldinho since I was little and I’ve tried to use his play style in my game." Messi or Ronaldo?

AT: "Juventus fan or not, you have to support Ronaldo. He is a class act and puts in 100% effort day in and day out to be a winner. He is the current best in the world in my book." Who do you think is going to win this season’s Champions League?

AT: "Despite Juventus’ loss today to Atlético (Madrid), I think we’ll come back even stronger on the second leg and score 3 goals in Turin. Juventus will go all the way to the final and hold up that trophy for sure."

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