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Who Will Win The UEFA Champions League?

This week soccer fans throughout Monmouth County, will be getting in front of the big screen to watch the most exciting club tournament in European soccer.

We asked some of the Monmouth Generals players who they think will win the UEFA Champions League in May. We would like to know your predictions. Please leave them in the comment section below, or start the debate on social media.

Forward Ambrogio Troia ( #7) - "Despite Juventus loss to Atlético, I think Juventus will come back even stronger on the second leg and score 3 goals in Turin. Juventus will go all the way to the final and hold up that trophy for sure".

Goalkeeper Henry Zuniga (#1) - "Tough to predict. I think Bayern Munich will win the Champions League".

Defender Gilbert Benitez- "I got two teams Barcelona or Juventus".

We want to hear from you! Which European club will be lifting the trophy in May?

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